Two pounds of free ground beef with every order!

Two pounds of free ground beef with every order!


$264.00 or $238.92 / month

Go back in time and experience the adventures of the Pioneers that first came to these western lands, seeing the vast grass filled landscape, the Bison Roaming in huge herds, and the cattle drives that seemed impossible. Yet, the pioneers pushed on and persevered, knowing this land and the natural meat it produced would bring nourishment and health to their families. This box is a reflection of the hard work and creativity that the pioneers of old put into their every meal, and the love and laughter that was shared around those meals. So dig in, get creative, and enjoy the many options this Grass-Finished, nutrient-rich meat has to offer!

– 12 packs of Premium Grass-Finished Ground Beef
– 6 packs of Premium Grass-Finished Ground Bison
( Approx. 24 lbs )

Recommended Cooking Methods

Grass Finished Bison is best when cooked for a shorter time than beef. Grass Fed meat period is going to have a deeper red color (Nutrient Content), even when overcooked. If you don’t have a temperature probe, we highly recommend it, as it takes the guesswork out of it. You will be a 5-star cook in no time! Start a roast on high for 15 min, turn down to 200 until internal temp reaches 110, shut the oven off, leave it in until meat has reached 125 and serve! Steaks in the winter? No problem. Just use the reverse sear method and your oven… its amazing! Pro Tip: It tastes super good with the juices left inside!! ENJOY!


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Best Meal I Have Ever Eaten

I just wanted to leave a testimonial. After eating at Gordon Ramsey in Vegas a few years back, I never thought I'd consume a better meal for the rest of my days. Wrong. No spice, no salt, nothing but grilled Bison Tenderloin. Succulent. Absolutely, the best meal I...


Barbecue season is never over when you have a box of this meat in your's awesome!

Only Regenerative AG

I will only buy products from Regenerative AG managed farms.

Love It!

I love grass-finished bison meat. It has so much flavour and you can almost feel the nutrients nourishing your body.

Cool Boxes, Cool Ranch

Cool Boxes, Cool Ranch, and so cool to have a box of high-quality meat delivered to my door.

Such Amazing Food

We are super excited to know we are eating the healthiest meat on the planet, and by buying from this company we are also making the planet healthier!


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$150.00 or $135.00 / month
$280.00 or $252.00 / month
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$395.00 or $355.50 / month
$390.00 or $351.00 / month
$264.00 or $238.92 / month
$395.00 or $355.50 / month
$380.00 or $342.00 / month


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RANCH BOX was started because everything else was broken, nothing was sustainable, and there was no future. WHY? That was the question we had to ask ourselves. There had to be a better way - and there was! Regenerative Ag. Bringing Hope and Life back as stewards of the land. So we began to educate ourselves about the natural tools that each and every ranch has available. Growing carbon and using natural biology and natural sunlight, Life returned to our land. Wildlife returned, birds returned, insects returned, and all with a purpose in the natural ecosystem of the Ranch. That goodness is what we wanted to share with you. So we asked HOW? And the answer came in a box: all the goodness from our Ranch put in a box - that's RANCH BOX!