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Best Meal I Have Ever Eaten

I just wanted to leave a testimonial. After eating at Gordon Ramsey in Vegas a few years back, I never thought I'd consume a better meal for the rest of my days. Wrong. No spice, no salt, nothing but grilled Bison Tenderloin. Succulent. Absolutely, the best meal I...


Barbecue season is never over when you have a box of this meat in your's awesome!

Only Regenerative AG

I will only buy products from Regenerative AG managed farms.

Love It!

I love grass-finished bison meat. It has so much flavour and you can almost feel the nutrients nourishing your body.

Cool Boxes, Cool Ranch

Cool Boxes, Cool Ranch, and so cool to have a box of high-quality meat delivered to my door.

Such Amazing Food

We are super excited to know we are eating the healthiest meat on the planet, and by buying from this company we are also making the planet healthier!


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$150.00 or $135.00 / month
$280.00 or $252.00 / month
$175.00 or $157.50 / month
$395.00 or $355.50 / month
$390.00 or $351.00 / month
$264.00 or $238.92 / month
$395.00 or $355.50 / month
$380.00 or $342.00 / month

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