1 Free Package of Bison Maui Ribs with each order!


1 Free Package of Bison Maui Ribs with each order! WITH PURCHASE OF A TRIED & TRUE BOX, USE CODE ’50OFFPIONEER’ FOR 50% OFF A PIONEER BOX!

About Us

Here is a little background about us… We are a local British Columbia Ranch, located in the B.C. Peace Country.  My wife and I started ranching when we got married 17 years ago.  We have 3 wonderful children, ages 14, 11, and 4 and they have been our motivation to change how we manage our land and livestock.  We both grew up on ranches, and as we learn the life-changing principles of Regenerative Agriculture, this has changed how we do everything on our Ranch, and this is the future we want for our children.

The health of our Soil is our number one priority.  Every decision we make is somewhat connected to Soil Health.  We call this “Better than Organic”…. Yes, organic farming is free of chemicals, etc. but it is not necessarily focused on Soil Health, meaning that organic farming still promotes tillage of the soil, unknowingly killing the natural biology and depleting the nutrient resources for the plants that grow there.  This in turn has a compounding effect on the entire ecosystem.  As a result, the plants that the animals eat do not have the same nutrient content, therefore either does their meat.  We strive to change this by not tilling our land, definitely not using any chemicals, and by using “Adaptive Grazing” methods.  By doing these things, we can provide incredibly nutrient-rich grass for our livestock to eat.  Only through this type of management can we ensure that the meat we sell also has that same “Nutrient Richness” that we all long for.  This is what creates an ecosystem that brings balance back to our land.  We are less affected by drought or flooding, birds and wildlife have come back in large numbers, and the biology that is alive beneath the soil is thriving.

Our livestock do not live in confined feedlots, but rather roam freely on the thousands of acres of ranch land that we call home.  In fact, our Bison herds have such a natural ability to graze as nature intended that we have learned much by observing them and then applying these same principles to how we manage our beef herds.  Nature is always right…sometimes we just have to slow down enough to understand it.  Properly managed livestock is one of the fastest and most productive means to improving Soil Health, improving the natural ecosystem of our ranch lands and improving the overall health of our planet.  We get excited about this stuff because we know that this is the future of health and goodness for our land and our families!  

This journey has been full of hard lessons, painful mistakes, and great rewards.  We want you to know that we will continue to strive in this direction, growing in our knowledge and understanding of this incredible cycle of life that we are all a part of.  Our desire is to share this journey with those of you that care about our planet, care about our natural ecosystems, and care about your health and the health of the people you love.  


From our Ranch to your Home,


Andrew & Karla Reimer

Peace Country Ranches


Best Meal I Have Ever Eaten

I just wanted to leave a testimonial. After eating at Gordon Ramsey in Vegas a few years back, I never thought I'd consume a better meal for the rest of my days. Wrong. No spice, no salt, nothing but grilled Bison Tenderloin. Succulent. Absolutely, the best meal I...


Barbecue season is never over when you have a box of this meat in your freezer...it's awesome!

Only Regenerative AG

I will only buy products from Regenerative AG managed farms.

Love It!

I love grass-finished bison meat. It has so much flavour and you can almost feel the nutrients nourishing your body.

Cool Boxes, Cool Ranch

Cool Boxes, Cool Ranch, and so cool to have a box of high-quality meat delivered to my door.

Such Amazing Food

We are super excited to know we are eating the healthiest meat on the planet, and by buying from this company we are also making the planet healthier!


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